Goodbye GhostMonitor. Welcome Recart!

Today, we say goodbye to GhostMonitor and hello to Recart. Many things have changed: Our features, name, design, pricing and more. But one key thing remains the same: Our goal of helping your business reach more customers and make more money. Before we discuss our most up to date tactics for doing just that, let’s […]

How to Determine Good Conversion Rates on WooCommerce

I warn you, I’m not a content marketer fresh out of college who just did some quick research on the topic. I’ve actually lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to conversion rate issues. (Possibly millions). I’m here writing this post so you can learn from my mistakes, and so you’re less likely to lose the money I did. Your […]

How I Generated $103,271 by Sending Cart Abandonment Emails

Who would have thought that you could make a tonne of money from abandoned carts? Yep that’s right. Make money from those same visitors who have already abandoned their carts, and decided not to buy from you. The truth is that you can. Why else would huge multinational companies like Amazon, Nike and Walmart regularly send emails to their […]

How to Find My Facebook Pixel ID

The new Facebook Pixel is a headache for WooCommerce users. It is hard to trigger every event on specific pages, specially on autopilot. But there’s a solution: WooCommerce New Facebook Pixel Plugin First of all, you need to enter just your Facebook Pixel ID, not your Pixel Code. The Pixel Code contains specific triggers, so the […]