4 critical ecommerce actions to take before scaling sales

Getting your ecommerce store off the ground and generating an income is just the first step. And a difficult one. Scaling is where most ecommerce stores fail. Their websites either aren’t built to handle scaling traffic, automation, content, and sales or their inventory just isn’t there. Before you instantly attempt to ramp up sales through content or […]

Build your Facebook Messenger and email audience together with Optimonk Smart Display Popups

Since Facebook’s announcement about the pre-check revoking, we have been working on new solutions to convert your online store’s visitors to subscribers. That’s how we’ve come up with our Conversations Starters. And now we are adding an even more powerful tool: our new Smart Display will help you capture even those visitors who are not […]

How to avoid a price war with fast shipping

In the highly competitive world of retail, you need every advantage you can get. There are endless great products and services out there. Therefore, to succeed, you need to distinguish yourself from the pack. Savvy ecommerce sellers must do whatever they can to attract and delight customers, to keep them coming back for more. One […]