How to avoid a price war with fast shipping

In the highly competitive world of retail, you need every advantage you can get. There are endless great products and services out there. Therefore, to succeed, you need to distinguish yourself from the pack. Savvy ecommerce sellers must do whatever they can to attract and delight customers, to keep them coming back for more. One […]

6 Hot Social Media Marketing Tools You Want To Be Using

Social media marketing is a diverse discipline that requires all of your talents. Coordinating campaigns, scheduling posts, creating content — this all takes time, effort, and skill. And when you’re running an online business, putting in an effective social strategy can be challenging. So if you can cut corners here and there, why not? Luckily […]

How to Send Messenger Promotions on Black Friday

For almost all merchants, there’s no Black Friday without scheduled email and/or Messenger campaigns letting your customers know that the sale has started. However, when it comes to Messenger promotion strategy, many merchants simply take what works on email and implement the same on Messenger. That move can get their Facebook page restricted instead of […]

Huge Update: New Messenger Popup & Auto-Applied Discount Codes

We’re thrilled to announce one of the most important updates in the history of Recart. We shipped two brand-new features today: Messenger Add to Cart Popup Auto-Applied Discount Codes Messenger Add to Cart Popup In early October, the Messenger Platform decided to discontinue allowing new merchants with pre-checked widgets on their site. It meant that […]