How to Turn Instagram Followers Into SMS Subscribers

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Soma Toth
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Soma Toth

If you want to run a successful email or ecommerce SMS marketing program, you must convert at least 10% of your online traffic into subscribers.

When you rely on paid traffic from Facebook, TikTok, or Google … the 10% rule becomes absolutely crucial.

While there are dozens of ways to grow your SMS list, I’m going to show you two of the easiest that take literally a few taps and rely on organic followers.

Instagram Stories to SMS Subscription

The most popular way is using an SMS signup link in your stories. These stories usually lead with an offer such as a discount or exclusive content to incentivize Instagram followers to signup.

Signing up via stories only requires two actions:

  1. Tapping a native link
  2. Tapping send


Once someone sends the message, they become your subscriber and should immediately begin receiving SMS marketing automations — most notably, your Welcome Flow or cart abandonment — as well as promotional text campaigns.

SMS Keyword in Instagram Post

The other way to subscribe Instagram followers to your SMS list is by sharing SMS keywords in your posts.

Here’s a great example from Her Juice Bar. They share the keyword HJB and the phone number followers can text.

Instagram followers - Keyword SMS

After submitting the keyword, ensure you follow text-messaging best practices — like sending regular updates, special offers, and new product launches.

With the right SMS marketing platform, setup is a breeze.

Don’t have one yet? Our experts at Recart are happy to get you started in minutes! Book a quick demo with us here.

Soma is the founder and CEO of Recart, the mobile marketing app for Shopify stores. He makes sure that all the 13,000+ brands using Recart continue to see amazing growth from SMS and Messenger channels. He's a big tea fan and spends a big chunk of his free time on soccer courts.