How to Run Giveaways to Get Messenger and Email Leads

Ben Abraham
Ben Abraham
Ben Abraham
Ben Abraham

In a recent update, we added a new entry point for Recart conversation flows: Facebook comments. This option allows you to connect new conversation flows to any Facebook post.

The conversation flow will be immediately sent to every user who leaves a comment on the post, making it the ideal marketing extension for highly engaging Facebook posts, including giveaways, contests, livestreams and more.

Getting started

To start a new giveaway, first choose the prize. You will ask people to like, comment and tag friends on your post, so the prize must be relevant to your target audience and is worth the effort. Of course, it’s usually best to giveaway your own product or service.

Next, compose the post and make sure it’s clear and welcoming. You wan’t people to easily understand the appeal of the giveaway while scrolling through the Facebook Newsfeed. Add an image that showcases the prizes and makes the giveaway obvious at a glance.

Increase the total engagement on your posts by asking people to do more than commenting. For example, you can giveaway a care package for two, and ask everyone to tag a friend they will share it with. This way, your giveaway will reach more people, and some of the tagged friends will enter themselves to double their chances

This BlendJet Facebook post is a good example on how you can use your brand to engage fans for a giveaway.

Get results with the conversation flow

Setting up the Facebook post is just the start: You can unlock the real value with an adequate conversation flow.

At the beginning of the conversation, you have the attention and the willingness of the recipient, so you can usually squeeze in one more thing they need to do before entering the giveaway.

Use this opportunity to ask for their email address or phone number. Each person who starts the conversation flow will be automatically added to your Recart subscriber list and now the giveaway will also generate email or SMS leads that you can sync to Klaviyo and SMSBump.

Maximize your return

To make sure we get as many sales as possible, our end goal is to hand out a limited time discount code to everyone who didn’t win and to tell the winner how they can claim their prize.

Of course, we want to focus on making people use the discount code to place orders.

To make sure your giveaway discount code is effective, you need to send your win and lose responses immediately. Otherwise people will be waiting for the giveaway to end, and hold off on any purchases knowing that they might still win.

To motivate immediate purchases, we can set up a conversation flow that asks for an email address before entering someone in the giveaway, syncs the collected emails to Klaviyo and sends an email follow up. A small percentage of entrants will receive the winners’ message, while everyone else will receive the losers’ message including their limited time discount code.

Add a Save user input node to the flow and make sure it’s set to email. Customize the messages and save the flow when you are done.

To set this up in Recart and Klaviyo, simply create a new conversation flow with the Facebook comments entry point selected. You can select the connected Facebook post now or come back later.

Connect Recart to your Klaviyo account and create a new Klaviyo list where captured emails will be added. See our Klaviyo <> Recart integration guide for step-by-step instructions.

Go to your Klaviyo account and set up a flow for new contacts in the giveaway list you created with Recart. Add a random split to send the winners’ message to a few people and send everyone else a losers’ message. Customize your emails and make sure your losers’ message has an appealing discount code.

Make sure your Klaviyo and Recart flows are enabled, then share the Facebook post.

Run effective giveaways with Recart

To get started, simply head over to the Recart Dashboard and start creating your conversation flow.

Ben Abraham creates content at Recart. His passion is helping merchants get the most out of Recart and realize the full potential of eCommerce stores.

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