Introducing Browse and Discount Abandonment Campaigns on Messenger

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alexandra kozma recart
Alexandra Kozma
alexandra kozma recart
Alexandra Kozma

In ecommerce dreamland, all of your visitors find what they are looking for, and instantly convert to customers. Sounds sweet, right?

However, if you’ve spent time analyzing your store traffic, you’ll know that the vast majority of your hard-earned visitors never even get to adding anything to their cart. After having surveyed more than 500 Shopify stores, Littledata found that the average addo-to-cart rate for Shopify was 4.4%. Having more than 9.9% will literally put you in the top 10% on Shopify.

With Recart you’ve already had the option of recovering those abandoned carts and boosting your overall store’s revenue by an average of 10%. But that will only get you so far.

With our latest update to the Recart Conversation Flow editor, we’re introducing 2 new campaign types that will help you reengage your store visitors:

  1. Browse abandonment campaigns
  2. Discount abandonment campaigns

Simply put, Recart now enables you to retarget not just cart abandoners, but anyone who’s received a discount code on your site or simply just visited it. This multiplies your reachable Messenger audience and its potential, the limit is now the sky itself.

Why Browse Abandonment campaigns in Messenger is such a big deal

If you are using great Messenger opt-in tools on your site, 20-30% of your site visitors are likely to become Messenger subscribers. This allows you to push that top-of-the-funnel audience (who never added anything to their cart) down your funnel.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to reach these people and get them re-engaged with your site?

One of the biggest players in the business, Klaviyo, agrees.

According to their research, browse abandonment emails have over 50% open rates, click rates of above 10% and generate $1.35 per recipient on average.

These are staggering numbers, especially when adjusted to Facebook Messenger’s stats, which on average have 70-80% open rates and 20% click-through rates.

That’s why browse abandonment on Messenger is a crucial new way to get in touch with your visitors.

Take it a step further with Discount Abandonment Messages

Offering a discount code is one of the most effective ways to drive sales via Facebook Messenger. Once you send it out, you want to make sure that your customers use it.

Anyone get a discount code, but never used it? In case your visitor didn’t finish the purchase, you can send out an automated, delayed reminder that it’s still available for a limited time!

Driving additional revenue via Messenger has never been so awesome!

Wrap it up

Alongside cart abandonment messages, browse abandonment and discount abandonment open up exciting new ways to engage your visitors and customers. It’s time to make discount abandonment a key part of your Messenger marketing strategy.

In case you’re eager to give it a go, view the video below or check our setup guide in the Recart Help Center.

alexandra kozma recart

Content marketer at Recart, the #1 Messenger marketing app for eCommerce. Alexandra helps merchants make the most of their Commerce stores by unlocking the full potential of Recart. She enjoys fitness, yoga, blogging, and marketing books.

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