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Ben Abraham
Ben Abraham
Ben Abraham
Ben Abraham

Most ecommerce marketing experts already know that social media platforms are perfect for running giveaways. Especially Facebook, because it guarantees high engagement rate and granular audience targeting.

Brands usually gather the largest following on Facebook anyway, so wanting to tap into their core audience on Facebook comes as second nature for many.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can run highly engaging and profitable giveaways on Facebook with Recart.

In a few easy steps, you will:

  • create your own giveaway on Facebook
  • connect a fully automated Messenger bot that will contact each participant
  • collect the emails and phone numbers of your fans and
  • automatically send notifications to both the winners of the giveaway and the ones who weren’t so lucky this time.

Planning the giveaway

First, you need to decide on a few things:

  • what products winners will receive
  • how many winners you will select
  • whether you should run paid advertisements for the giveaway

Once you are settled on the basics of the giveaway, it’s time to come up with a Facebook post to announce it.

This is the top of your giveaway funnel: This post needs to grab the attention of your audience, explain how to enter the giveaway and also subtly underline why your customer love buying your products.

If your Facebook post has high engagement, you are guaranteed to get an amazing return on your giveaway. This is why you should always state clearly that people must like and comment on your post to enter the giveaway.

Pro tip: By offering a care package for two instead of a single item, you can ask participants to tag their friends in the comments with whom they would share the prize. This is a fail-safe method of getting even more free exposure for your Facebook giveaway.

Create a Conversation Flow triggered by Facebook Comments

Comments on your Facebook post are where Recart will step in and manage the rest of the customer interactions with anyone who entered the giveaway.

To achieve this, we will create a Conversation Flow with Recart and connect the giveaway Facebook post to the new Conversation Flow. This way, anyone who leaves a comment on your Facebook post will immediately start the Conversation Flow with your Recart Facebook Messenger bot.

If you are new to Recart, you can sign up for a free account by installing Recart in the Shopify app store at

Creating the Conversation Flow is easy:

  1. Open the Recart Dashboard
  2. Click on Messenger in the left sidebar
  3. Go to Custom Conversation Flows and click Create New
  4. Select Facebook Comments as the entry point
  5. Enter the Facebook post ID of the giveaway announcement
    1. Need help? Check our help article on finding the Facebook post ID.

Congrats, you connected your giveaway Facebook post to a Recart Conversation Flow. Now you can freely customize the Conversation Flow to achieve your marketing goals.

Set up a basic giveaway Conversation Flow with Recart

Marketing experts love Recart because the Conversation Flow Editor is so easy-to-use. Basically, you can add as many messages to the flow as you need, plus you can set up automations by simply connecting message blocks together.

I will first add a greeting message that will

  • remind the customer what they can win (and why the product is awesome)
  • provide a link for the official rules of the giveaway (if makes sense or legally required)
  • allow them to confirm their entry to the giveaway by selecting the appropriate quick reply

I will add 2 more messages: One will be sent to the selected winners, while the other one will delivered to everyone else.

Pro tip: Add a time-sensitive discount offer to loser messages as a consolation prize. This will help you maximize the conversion rate of your giveaway.

I can connect the greeting message to these 2 messages by inserting a Randomizer between them.

By using the Randomizer, I can tell Recart that I want 99% of the people receiving the loser message, and 1% receiving the winner message.

This way, anyone who enters will be instantly notified of the result. Winners can immediately post about it on Facebook, and everyone else can place an order with the time-sensitive discount code.

Collecting email and phone leads with Recart Conversation Flows

As you can see, it is very easy to build an effective and completely automated Conversation Flow with Recart. Of course, you can always go one step further: You can include delays, conditional splits and follow-up messages in your Conversation Flows.

You can even use the Save user input feature to collect the phone number and email address of the giveaway participants. This way, your Messenger marketing efforts will generate new subscribers for your email and SMS campaigns, too.

This article will teach you how to get SMS and email and subscribers from Facebook Comments.

Try Recart for Facebook Messenger marketing

To get started, simply head over to the Recart Dashboard and start creating your conversation flow.

Ben Abraham creates content at Recart. His passion is helping merchants get the most out of Recart and realize the full potential of eCommerce stores.

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