How to Drive More Targeted Traffic to Your ecommerce Store

As any online store owner will agree, you just can’t survive without traffic to your site. The very nature of eCommerce business success is the amount of traffic the site is getting and an online store without traffic is like a brick and mortar store without any walk-in. No walk-in, no sales, no business. Web […]

Quick Tips for This Black Friday

Usually, cart abandonment rate on Black Friday is 90%!, so you must make some agile steps to make your customers complete their purchase. Do this 8 simple steps before Black Friday and enjoy the extra sales: 1) Capture as many abandoned carts as you can To do that, make sure you have one of the […]

Retargeting Strategies to Skyrocket Your Black Friday Campaigns

“Quality over quantity.” It’s a lesson I was taught back in high school by my English teacher. But it’s a lesson that extends beyond the confines of school essays, and should inform the day-to-day actions of your life. Including your ecommerce store. Black Friday is just around the corner and I’ve a question to ask […]

Facebook Messenger Sequences to Skyrocket Your Store’s Sales

It’s every store owner’s dream. To know, whether at your desk or not, that your store is continuing to effectively chase prospects, warm leads, re-engage cart abandoners, and drive more revenue. Automation and passive income are the holy grail of online marketing. To be able to grow your revenue with little to no effort is […]

New Integration: Spin-a-Sale

Woo-hoo! One more way to capture cart abandoners! We partnered with Spin-a-Sale, a popular gamified exit popup for Shopify stores. How does Spin-a-Sale help you capturing more abandoned carts? When your customers enter their emails on Spin-a-Sale, Recart pairs the emails to your the carts. If carts are abandoned, Recart will fire the recovery emails. […]

How to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday Weekend

It can often seem like every day is a battle with eCommerce. You spend countless hours trying to beat out your competitors for that top Google spot. Compete against one another for a mention and endorsement from your industry’s biggest authority, and are forever spying upon one another to steal the latest, greatest tactics to […]

Top Tips and Best Practices for Using Facebook Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have joined forces to create a splash in the e-commerce world. Since Facebook is the most widely used social media, combining AI and ML with Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild would result in an explosive online retail tool. Using Facebook Messenger for online shopping and other e-commerce activities isn’t just […]

How to Build a Messenger List with Wheelio and Recart

Messenger marketing is unarguably one of the most effective marketing channels today. Conversational commerce is on the rise, and if you are not utilizing it now, you might be losing out on the trend that’s shaping the future of e-commerce. To help build up your Messenger list, we’ve built an integration between Wheelio and Recart. […]