In-Popup Confirmation: How to Swell Your Email & SMS Opt-ins by 35%

Gigi Rodgers
Gigi Rodgers

“A great user experience is a hundred tiny improvements.” – Every UX & product manager, ever.

And they’re not wrong. 

But you’re not here to make incremental changes to your popup that takes time, testing, and the patience of a Zen Buddhist monk. 

You’ve got KPIs to hit, delegations to manage, growth opt-in rates to punch up, and revenue to stock pile.

And you wanted that done yesterday. 

When using popup opt-ins correctly (keyword here), you can benefit from a conversion rate between 9% to 41% across SMS & email.

Those aren’t “oh, that’s nice” numbers.
Those are the kind of results you’d consider committing a crime for.

Non-violent, of course.

But that’s what Recart’s In-Popup Confirmation generates — and it’ll take you LESS THAN 12 SECONDS to pull-off.

So let’s dig into what’s (most likely) happening with your current popup, why you should care about any of this, and what you have to do on your end to get these gains.


Imagine a potential customer visiting your website, eager to sign up for your discount offer.

They give you their phone number, but then need to leave your website to go to their messaging app to: 

  • Send a message to subscribe
  • Reply to a message
  • Or hit a link to confirm

They finally get their coupon code (success!), but are then redirected to the HOMEPAGE of your website instead of the page they were visiting before — leaving it up to them to pickup where they left off.

Oh, the CX horror …

Unsurprisingly, this causes frustration, friction and churn, my friends.

And yet, this is considered the norm, if not an acceptable standard practice.

This highlights the critical need for a smoother, more intuitive customer experience.


In an ideal world, your visitors would subscribe to email and SMS with a click of a button, but we’re not there — yet. 

The closest we have to a one-click subscription is a 2FA in-popup confirmation, and it looks something like this:

The process is simple:

Step 1: Enter your phone number

Step 2: Receive a confirmation code

Step 3: Click submit.

If you’re asking yourself, “What’s the difference whether I turn it on or off?”
It’s massive! 

After conducting 300+ A/B tests, we saw that in-popup confirmations increased SMS opt-ins by 20-50% compared to the two-tap or “Reply Y” methods. 

This makes it not only the best user experience for your customers but also, by far the most efficient for getting them on your list within seconds.

Imagine the additional revenue for your business with a 20-50% uptick in opt-ins.

Yeah … it’s glorious.


Reach out to your CSM to make sure it’s enabled.

If it’s not, it’ll take them less than 12 seconds to do — it’s that simple.

Well … let’s give them a full-minute, just in case.


Popups seem like a nuisance until something new comes along that’s made to make the customer’s experience easier, and less … irritating.

Let’s face it, a nice chunk of ecommerce sales are made in the palms of your customer’s hands. 

More brands are going to use popups to grow their business, but the majority will accept the “standard way” of doing things.

After reading this article, this is how you’ll be able to separate yourself from the pack.

No felonies involved.

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