Recart September Update: $55k MRR, 10k Stores, Brand New Challenges

Hello everyone, I’m back with my monthly update to reflect on our numbers and challenges in September. What a month it was at Recart! Firstly, let me congratulate the Recart team reaching $55,000 MRR and 10,000 installs! That’s a huge progress in our journey to become one of the most prominent ecommerce startups in the […]

Top Tips and Best Practices for Using Facebook Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have joined forces to create a splash in the e-commerce world. Since Facebook is the most widely used social media, combining AI and ML with Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild would result in an explosive online retail tool. Using Facebook Messenger for online shopping and other e-commerce activities isn’t just […]

How to Build a Shopify Messenger Marketing List with Wheelio and Recart

As many of you already know, Recart recently became a Messenger marketing tool for ecommerce. We’ve launched our first Messenger feature back this July and never looked back since. It’s almost October now, and the results are simply mind-blowing so far. Recart’s Messenger campaign generated more sales for our merchants than we could ever imagine. […]

PRE-Cart – A Golden Opportunity hiding in your existing traffic

Recart does an amazing job of recovering abandoned carts for you but what about the traffic that doesn’t add to cart? What if there was a way to convert more of that traffic? There is! Your traffic is divided into 6 main types: Visitors that bounce. It’s sad but most of your traffic bounces. 🙁 Visitors […]

Recart Guide to Facebook Messenger for Shopify Stores

It’s a question that’s plagued merchants from time immemorial. A single question which – regardless of industry, product, platform, or process – causes more stress to store owners than any other. “How can I increase revenue.” The simple answer is to sell more products. However, as time has passed and technology progressed, the methods to […]

How to Send Instant Campaigns to Your Messenger Subscribers

There’s no doubt, Messenger has already become one of the most powerful marketing channels for Shopify stores. Recart took what’s working in email marketing and brought it to your store via Messenger. With Recart app, you can: Build your Messenger list straight from your Shopify store Subscribe your customers to automated Messenger campaigns Send them Abandoned […]

Recart August 2017 Update

Hello everyone, I’m here to share our last Recart monthly update. What happened in August? We decreased the trial from 90 days to 7 + 21 We rolled out an integration with Wheelio We launched the Messenger Order Receipt Campaign We reached the break-even on 21 August.  1732 new merchants signed up  We grew with […]

Send Abandoned Cart Facebook Messages Straight from Your Shopify Store

Opening your Shopify store is easy. Making it profitable is hard. We all know that. It’s because opening a Shopify store is so easy that scaling it has become so difficult. That increased competition provides increased variety to your users. They have dozens of stores all trying to capture their attention. And it leads to […]

New Integration: Wheelio

One more way to capture your cart abandoners! We teamed up with Wheelio, the #1 Interactive Exit Popup for Shopify stores. Collect more emails with Wheelio, while Recart pairs the emails to your customers’ carts and fires the emails if the cart is abandoned.   What is Wheelio? Wheelio changed the popup world forever when […]

Recart July 2017 Update

Hello everyone, In the spirit of community and supporting our vision at Recart to become the #1 marketing app for ecommerce stores, I’ve decided to start sharing our Recart monthly updates. The backstory It’s been a long road, and we’re only just getting started. In April 2015, Peter and I launched the project called GhostMonitor […]