How to skyrocket your store’s revenue: 10 marketing experts share their top tips

Peter Boyle
Peter Boyle
Peter Boyle
Peter Boyle

It’s frustrating, right?

Day after day you sit at your desk, put in the hours, and try everything in your power to grow your ecommerce store’s profits.

And day after day you’re left wondering if you’re doing something wrong.

You’re seeing increases, but nowhere near the levels of those case studies explaining how store X “tripled conversions in 48 hours”, “generated an extra $100,000 through one simple trick”, or “increased AoV 2X through custom checkout pages”. 

What makes these stores so special? 

Why are their “simple tricks” so much more successful than yours?

Well, part of it’s because these case studies are isolated incidents. I mean, these guides are published with an agenda; to sell people on the service that helped achieve those increases.

The brand publishing the case study picks the one store that achieved 10X the average success to establish themselves as the best, most profitable solution for your store.

But that one example doesn’t make the solution applicable across all brands, industries, and store sizes.

And that’s something I wanted to address. So, rather than go the generic route and feature an insanely successful Recart user, I reached out to some seasoned pros who can pull from the results of hundreds of stores.

Experts who have formed their opinion not from one test or practice, but from helping dozens, hundreds, and in some cases thousands of brands increase their revenue.

These folk are the cream of the crop when it comes to online marketing, and I had only one question for them.

“If you could only employ only one strategy for increasing ecommerce revenue, what would it be?”.

Here’s what they had to say (the text version is just below this awesome infographic!)

Expert ecommerce advice, increase revenue

Noah Kagan – Chief Sumo at and – Get back to basics

Everyone’s so concerned with big data and the overall trend they forget there’s actual people at the other end of your strategies. 

Get away from all the paid marketing and automation, go and speak to customers one-to-one and really get to the heart of how to help individuals. Back to basics always works. 

Reza Khadjavi – Cofounder and CEO of Shoelace – Sequential Retargeting increases sales, and lowers annoyance

Retargeting can be an effective way to increase your conversion rate, but poorly executed retargeting campaigns can lead to wasted ad dollars and annoyed prospects. To avoid this, you have to take your customers on a sequential retargeting journey – a personalized experience based on where they are in different stages of your funnel. And in addition to dynamic product ads, another tip to avoid ad fatigue is to keep your campaigns fresh with blog post ads, best seller ads, and featured product ads.

Eyal Reich – StoreYa COO – Automated Adwords Campaigns Give More Time to Focus on Optimisation

My number one tip on building a profitable business in 2018 is optimizing your AdWords campaigns. Everyone knows that the place to find customers with purchase intent is Google AdWords. However, not everyone knows that you can use Google’s Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) to automate keywords and ad creation. This is a huge advantage going into 2018 as it means a lot less AdWords marketing ‘admin’ and allows you to keep campaigns optimized and, therefore profitable. 

Steve Chou – Ecommerce expert – MyWifeQuitHerJob – Email Automation is King

The number one tactic that we use for generating revenue is email.  We have 5 automated email sequences in place, an abandoned cart sequence, a pre-purchase sequence, a post purchase sequence, a win back campaign, and a browse abandonment campaign.  All of these autoresponders run on autopilot and generate over 20% of our sales from customers who are familiar with our brand.

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Founder of Retail Minded & Co-Founder of the Independent Retailer Conference | Author of Retail 101 – Cross Channel is the future

Ecommerce retailers need to embrace commerce across multiple channels more so than ever before. No longer do customers shop in a linear fashion but instead, they discover, research and even buy impulsively across multiple digital platforms – introducing various commerce touch-points. From social commerce to mobile commerce to traditional ecommerce, merchants selling online need to be equipped to support consumers at every touch-point their potential customers connect with while online.

Tomer Tagrin – CEO and co-founder YotPo – Build a Brand Customers Love

Today, businesses can’t compete against Amazon on price, fulfillment, or inventory. The only thing they can compete on is by building a brand that consumers truly care about. Going into 2018, it’s crucial that businesses focus on how they can build a customer-centric brand that can withstand Amazon. At the end of the day, your happy customers are your best marketers. 2018 is going to be all about learning how to create really valuable advocates from the customers that love your brand.

Soma Toth – CEO and Co-Founder of Recart Understand The Most Effective Communication Channels

Success always comes down to two elements; providing a great product, and effectively getting that offer in front of your users. 

With ecommerce you have to know which channels have the greatest reach and impact with your customers. Thanks to Facebook’s upcoming sponsored update changes and the promotions tab in email services, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get high engagement. 

Right now we’re seeing better engagement through Facebook Messenger. And with the changes Facebook has planned, I think Messenger is going to be the most effective channel moving forward.

Peep Laja – Founder of ConversionXL – Reduce Cognitive Load to Smooth the Path to Conversions

“Use address auto-complete. In 2018 don’t show users those long shipping/billing address forms, it’s terrifying. Use an address auto-complete API, reduce cognitive load and increase conversions.” 

Ezra Firestone – Founder of Smart Marketer – Video will Dominate 2018

“Video will continue to dominate in 2018 as the most effective form of content for eCommerce Businesses. Double down on video. Especially for mobile. Produce short form, medium form and long form content alike! Tell stories, engage users and soft sell.”

Florian Schulze, Head of Marketing at – Watch your CPA and LTV Dynamics

If you’re in the growth stages and start spending major money on advertising, you have to know exactly how profitable the campaign is for you. That means tracking not only how much it costs to acquire a customer, but then how long it takes for that acquisition to become profitable. Take your eye off the prize and you’ll be wasting money, time, and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. 

So there’s 10 tips from 10 marketing tips from 10 of the sharpest minds in marketing and ecommerce.

What I’d recommend you do is choose one that you think will most resonate with your audience and go all in on that single tactic. Let it run for a few months and see if it’s helped.

Once you’re getting the gains you expect from the tactic, come back here and pick up the next one.

After implementing all these tactics you should easily be dominating the competition.

Let us know in the comments if you have any extra tips you think we’ve missed or that should have been included.

Pete Boyle is a conversion copywriter and content manager for Recart. He's helped various eCommerce brands increase their revenue through streamlined sales funnels and more effective copy. You can connect with him on Twitter or on his personal site,

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