9 Lucrative Sponsored Messages

Want to boost your revenue? Check these 9 lucrative sponsored messages sent by leading Shopify brands. Learn how to personalize messages to make it more relevant for your customers and boost your revenue.

2021 Event Calendar

Discover the complete list of the biggest ecommerce events, the actionable tips, the recommended Messenger flows, and send out timely, personalized offers in advance.

2020 BFCM Checklist

What are proven BFCM Messenger tactics that will win you big this year? Get the hottest tips, tactics and explode your sales with Messenger.

2020 BFCM Promo-Kit

Discover our ultimate BFCM Campaign Kit and learn the essential steps to be ready for one of the biggest event of the year.

Getting Started with Recart's Welcome Popup

Discover how to set it up on your store to subscribe visitors to Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email at the same time. 

Customizing Recart's Welcome Popup

Learn how to customize the popup. Get some creatives uses of our flows connected to Welcome Popup that engages your audience and makes more sales for your store.

Connecting Recart to email and SMS platforms

Learn how to connect Recart to Klaviyo and SMSBump to sync emails and phone numbers collected in the Welcome Popup.

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