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Hello everyone,

In the spirit of community and supporting our vision at Recart to become the #1 marketing app for ecommerce stores, I’ve decided to start sharing our Recart monthly updates.

The backstory

It’s been a long road, and we’re only just getting started. In April 2015, Peter and I launched the project called GhostMonitor as a cart abandonment app for five different ecommerce platforms: WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, and Opencart. GhostMonitor was inspired by our experience in cart recovery. After a month of researching, we started recruiting co-founders – that’s how Gergo and David joined. Later that summer, Balint, Iring Peti also acceded to the team, forming the ‘core team.’ We all thought we could build GhostMonitor in 6 months tops.

Obviously, we were dead wrong.

In November 2015, we were still fighting with incredible bugs which were dealbreakers for most of the users. We all believed we could make it work shortly, but we couldn’t. We also realized we need to focus on one platform, that’s why we pivoted to WooCommerce.

After four months of struggling (mostly because of the technical support load), we quit focusing on WooCommerce and started to build our Shopify app instead. We released GhostMonitor in the app store slightly a year ago in May 2016.

We spent most of our time in 2016 making the product stronger and trying to find new pages on the market like Add to Cart Popup. At that point, we still spent a lot of time on correcting errors and outages. Despite the struggle, by the end of 2016 GhostMonitor became one of the fastest-growing apps in the Shopify app store.

Since our features were started to make merchants money different ways, we needed a rebranding. The GhostMonitor name didn’t cover what we did anymore. We found the domain ‘’ available, so we rebranded our startup to Recart in February 2017.

We released the Instant Push Notifications this spring, and we just released the world’s first Messenger marketing features for ecommerce stores.

Now we have several marketing features on multiple communication channels – apparently without a solid strategy. Surprisingly, there is a strategy behind all this. We built marketing tools for three different platforms:

Email: Still the most popular marketing channel, 3b+ users, but hard to evolve fast and there’s a huge competition on the market.

Web Push Notifications: Less popular channel, but easy to update and delivers better click rates than email. However, it’s not mobile friendly.

Facebook Messenger: Quite popular channel, 2b+ users, and it seems we can move with it fast. This is the most exciting channel for both merchants and Recart, but we don’t know how far Facebook will let us go with the promotions on Messenger.

Why did we build all these three?

We have a solid vision: to make more money for ecommerce stores. However, we still don’t have the winner channel for this. We still can become a multi channel marketing app or a single channel superstar. We built these channels because we need to find out which channel is the best.

Now, we’re at the most exciting part: We’re all about to find out where to go.

Metrics in July

  • Active users: 3000+ (5600 users in the database)
  • Paying customers: 446
  • MRR: $18,500
  • MRE: $24,500
  • Way to the break-even: $6,000
  • Subscribed to the paid plan in July: 121
  • Canceled the paid plans: 43
  • Paid customer churn: 9.6%
  • 2598 unique user visited our Shopify App Store page
  • 672 users signed up (That’s a whopping 25% visitor to free trial conversion rate)
  • Shopify reviews: 390
  • Average monthly charge: $48

July highlights

  • Launched our brand-new Home Page
  • Launched the new side menu
  • Attended on our annual Hackathon, I believe it was fun for all of us
  • Released two Messenger Subscription tools
  • Released the Abandoned Cart Messenger Reminder
  • Realized that implementing the Marketing API was a complete success
  • Fixed series of bugs
  • Released the Sales counter for campaign items

What comes in August?

Except for the holidays? I think this is going to be one of the most exciting months in Recart’s history. I’ll put my focus on the distribution instead of the design. We’ll shout out the word: we have the world’s first Messenger marketing app for ecommerce. Can’t wait to see how thrilled the merchants will be. Oh, and we need to build a basic Messenger Instant Campaigns feature desperately:

I love August. I love to work harder when everyone is in cryptosleep. I can’t agree more with Gary on this:

What comes in the rest of the year?

We continue to become the #1 marketing app for Shopify stores and reach our annual goal of 10,000 active users.


Soma Toth

Soma Toth

Soma grows Recart, the future of ecommerce marketing. As CEO, he makes sure that all the 80,000 businesses powered by Recart stay successful and make more sales with Messenger marketing.