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In the last few years, ecommerce merchants mostly captured emails from their customers. However, Messenger recently changed the marketing game. It’s time to evolve your popups as well.

The 85% average open rate is a huge uplift to your bottom line with Messenger campaigns, but the one-click Messenger subscription is also a huge conversion booster for your subscription tools:

Ask Messenger subscription instead of email with OptiMonk

To bring you the world’s first intelligent Messenger popups, we partnered up with one of the best apps in the world, the OptiMonk.

optimonk x Recart integration

Why do you need an OptiMonk Messenger popup?

1. No more typing

It’s a one-click subscription: they tap on the CTA button. Yeah, that’s it.

This gives a seamless subscription experience for customers, especially for mobile users. Once your customers subscribe, OptiMonk sends them to your Recart Messenger list so you can message them right away.

This is the best subscription experience I’ve ever seen. That’s the reason why Messenger marketing is the future. See how easy the subscription is:


2. Get 85% open rates instead of 12%

I know. Most of you still trust email as your primary marketing channel, and that’s okay. All I say is that as soon as you see how your first Messenger campaigns perform, you’ll switch immediately to Messenger. Don’t trust my word, trust the numbers.

The average email open rate is about 12% in ecommerce. The same messages sent via Messenger bring an 85% open rate in average. That’s a difference you can’t ignore.

Also, Messenger generates a lot more revenue for merchants than email does.

Messenger brings 400% better revenue per sent message than email

Send all kinds of automated and instant messages

After OptiMonk subscribed Facebook users to your Recart Messenger list, you can send them automated and instant campaigns from Recart:

Yep, to their smartphones, right away. Since Recart is built for ecommerce, you can send:

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Order Receipt
  • Shipping Notification
  • Welcome
  • Purchase Follow-up

automated campaigns to your customers. Enable them once, count the sales forever.

And what about newsletters? You can send newsletter-like messages to your Messenger subscribers as well. We call it Instant Campaigns, merchants use it like they used the email newsletters: they announce new arrivals, fresh content, sales, and other promotions.

Your customers are on Facebook

After analyzing 19k Shopify stores using Recart, we found that most of the stores rely on Facebook or Instagram traffic. This means that most of your traffic can subscribe to your list seamlessly and have a better experience than ever.

Here’s how to build your Messenger list with OptiMonk: 

1) Install both OptiMonk and Recart apps on your Shopify store.

Get OptiMonk from here and Recart from here.

2) Enter the Recart app

(Shopify Admin – Apps – Recart), go to your Messenger menu and connect a Facebook page you’d love to use for message sending.

3) Enter the OptiMonk app

(Shopify Admin – Apps – OptiMonk), Create a new campaign, then find a Messenger template:

optimonk messenger popups

OptiMonk offers two Messenger popups

4) Customize your popup:

Edit your popup with OptiMonk’s editor

5) Activate the popup campaign

6) That’s it, the integration is live!

Check out your OptiMonk popup, you will see the Recart Messenger widget above your CTA button. From now, your subscribers will opt-in to your Recart Messenger list.

If you haven’t configured your Recart Messenger Campaigns, here are some tips:

7) Head back to the Recart app and set up your automated campaigns. Go to Recart – Messenger – Automated Campaigns to customize and enable the campaigns you’d love to run on autopilot.

Enable your Auto Campaigns, like the Messenger Receipt

The most popular campaigns are the Abandoned Cart and the Order Receipt campaigns. They will make a lot of $$$ for you. Learn more about the Recart Automated Messenger Campaigns here.

8) Make sure you subscribe as many customers as you can. Enable a Recart Messenger Widget under your Add to Cart button. For instructions, click here.

Offer discount for Messenger subscribers with the Recart Discount Widget

8) Follow your list growth on Recart – Messenger Dashboard. (It refreshes every 15 minutes.)

Wait at least for the first 100 subscribers before you send your first instant campaign. Learn how to send Instant Campaigns here.

9) You’re all set! Now you grow your email and Messenger list simultaneously. Don’t forget to customize and enable your Messenger Auto Campaigns.

Enjoy the most powerful ecommerce marketing tool; now it’s all yours!

I bet you have a bunch of questions about Messenger Marketing and the new Recart x OptiMonk integration. I prepared a small FAQ for you.

Will the Messenger widget appear ‘pre-checked’?
Facebook will only allow the pre-check if you implemented the widget before October 6, 2017. Most of the merchants are unchecked. If you’re too, we recommend you using the OptiMonk Messenger popup. If you’re unchecked, you can contact the Recart support to learn more about your options.

Can I subscribe Facebook users? Or just Messenger users?
The ‘Messenger Marketing’ term can be misleading because your target audience is all Facebook users. All Facebook users can subscribe to your Recart Messenger list. That’s a potential 2b+ Facebook users vs. the 1.2b Messenger users.

Do I have to enable the Recart Messenger Widget, too?
You don’t have to, but we firmly recommend it. It helps you capture the users who OptiMonk misses. Click here for installation instructions.

Does OptiMonk subscribe the Facebook users? Or Recart does that?
OptiMonk displays Recart’s widget. The actual subscription is made by Recart.

Where can I see my Messenger subscribers?
You can follow your list growth in your Recart Messenger Dashboard.

Do I pay based on subscribers?
Nope, Recart is not that company. We only charge you for the real performance, the extra sales we make for you. Starting from $29 a month. Learn more about our fair pricing here.

I can’t see my widget on the OptiMonk popup, what can I do?
Please double-check that you followed all steps from #1 to #8 and check it from an incognito window. If the widget still doesn’t appear, please contact the Recart support.

Will Recart send Abandoned Cart Messenger automatically?
If you enable that campaign on Recart – Messenger – Auto Campaigns: Yes!  Learn more about our automated campaigns here.

Soma Toth

Soma Toth

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