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Woo-hoo! One more way to capture cart abandoners! We partnered with Spin-a-Sale, a popular gamified exit popup for Shopify stores.

Spin-a-Sale x Recart

How does Spin-a-Sale help you capturing more abandoned carts?

When your customers enter their emails on Spin-a-Sale, Recart pairs the emails to your the carts. If carts are abandoned, Recart will fire the recovery emails.

It’s almost like magic, you’ll capture a lot more cart abandoners, those who couldn’t remarket before:

What is Spin-a-Sale?

Spin-a-Sale completely reinvents the standard email capture popup and makes it interactive, fun and irresistible for your visitors. When visitors provide their email address they get a chance to spin a prize wheel on your website. You have full control over the prizes you’d like to offer your subscribers including a discount off their next order or free shipping. This creates a powerful incentive for visitors to subscribe and also make a purchase.

On average Spin-a-Sale captures over 6 times more subscribers than normal email capture popups. Not only that, Spin-a-Sale subscribers are much more likely to make a purchase on your website using their winning prize which means more sales for your store. With Spin-a-Sale you’ll grow your email list at a faster rate and increase your sales!

Spin-a-Sale Popup

The integration is seamless: Install both Spin-a-Sale and Recart on your store and you’re all set!
When Spin-a-Sale helps Recart to capture a cart abandoner, you’ll see this on your Recart – All Abandoned Carts menu:

Sounds great, right?

Install Spin-a-Sale today and start to capture more emails than ever! Don’t forget: the integration works automatically when you have Spin-a-Sale and Recart installed on your store.

Get the Spin-a-Sale app from here.

Any questions about the integration? Don’t hesitate to comment here or contact us!

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