How to find my Facebook Pixel ID

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Social media is key to driving more visitors and sales for your eCommerce store. If you can get your targeting, promotion, and messaging right you can see huge increases in interest and revenue for your brand.

But it’s anything but easy to get right.

The good news is, as an eCommerce store owner you don’t have to worry about every single social network. No, in fact, most people focus on Instagram and Facebook as they’re proven to bring the best revenue gains.

And whilst there’s plenty of tips and tricks for optimising both Instagram and Facebook marketing campaigns, the first thing you need to do is set up your tracking so you can see exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Unfortunately for WooCommerce users, the new Facebook Pixel is a real headache to set up. It’s hard to trigger every event on specific pages, especially on autopilot.
But there’s a solution: WooCommerce New Facebook Pixel Plugin

First of all, you need to enter just your Facebook Pixel ID, not your Pixel Code.
The Pixel Code contains specific triggers, so the plugin will generate that for you.

Your Pixel ID is easy to find.

  1. Go to your Ad Manager or Power Editor
  2. Click on Tools – PixelsScreenshot 2016-01-05 10.41.18
  3. You will find the basic analytics of your pixel. The ID is at the right top.Screenshot 2016-01-08 14.46.45
  4. If you don’t have a pixel yet, you’ll see the following window:
    Go ahead, and create your first pixel! After that, start with Step 1.

    Go ahead, and create your first pixel! After that, start with Step 1.


    That’s all, we just covered everything about how to find your facebook pixel ID.

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Soma Toth

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