How to build a Messenger list with Wheelio and Recart – not visible to public
Written by Janos Vrancsik on May 2, 2019

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The pre-checked Messenger widget is revoked from all stores since 9 April, so your subscription rate is decreasing quickly. Subscribing your store visitors has never been harder.

Fortunately, Recart has an amazingly effective tool to build your marketing lists.

If you are not using Recart’s new feature, you’re losing out on a lot of cash.

The Wheelio – Recart integration I’m about to show you will subscribe 15-30% of your store visitors.

Did the pre-checked widget provide you a constant flow of Messenger subscribers?

This integration will deliver twice as many subscribers.

To help build up your subscription lists, we built an integration between Wheelio and Recart that will subscribe 15-30% of your visitors. This new Smart Messenger integration builds your Messenger and email list at the same time as it automatically shows the best channel for the subscription.

Don’t believe me? Believe the numbers.

Combine Messenger & Email subscription

In the last few years, businesses were collecting mostly emails and grew their Facebook pixels. Shopify stores typically use Privy or Wheelio for email collection.

But what about collecting Messenger subscribers? Now, we offer you the single most effective way to build your Messenger list and email list at the same time.

Wheelio and Recart now work together even better to grow your marketing lists!

35-55% of your visitors are already logged into Facebook. They can subscribe seamlessly via Messenger, with a tap of a button.

Those who are not logged in? Well, previously, they were prompted to log in in a new window. Like what? As a merchant, the last thing you want to do is sending your visitors away from your store.

With the Wheelio – Recart integration, we have a way to subscribe those not logged in without offering login forms that can disrupt the experience and negatively affect your conversion rate.

Our new Smart Display feature recognizes whether your visitor is logged into Facebook while they’re browsing your store and subscribes them accordingly.

If your visitors are logged into Facebook, they are offered the Messenger subscription experience. If they are logged out, they see the email experience. This way your visitors are offered the subscription option that suits them best.

They get an uninterrupted shopping experience and you get subscribers regardless of whether they are logged in or not.

Smart Messenger in action

Why should you use the Wheelio Integration?

Messenger subscribers are a lot more valuable than email subscribers. Messenger being a personal place, you get the chance to chat with your customers on the same channel they talk to their mum. It’s great, isn’t it?

Messenger brings 400% better revenue per sent message than email

What’s more, you can skip the spam filter as well as the promotions folder. Because of these nuances of the channel, your Messenger messages bring a staggering 85% open rate on average. The average email open rate is about 12% in e-commerce.  That’s a difference you can’t ignore.

I know you already are a huge fan of Messenger marketing. But I presume you don’t want to ditch your good old tactics just yet.

The greatest thing? You don’t have to.

I know you still trust email as your primary marketing channel, and that’s amazing. Stick to what works. All I say is that times change. Currently, the best strategy is to use both email and Messenger, in a perfect mix. Now the Wheelio – Recart integration gives you that opportunity.

Now let’s take a look at it in action.

It’s quite possibly the best subscription experience ever.

This is one of the reasons why Messenger marketing is the future. See how easy the subscription is:


How to Grow Your Messenger List with Wheelio and Recart

1) Install both Wheelio and Recart apps on your Shopify store.

2) Enter the Wheelio app (Shopify Admin – Apps – Wheelio), scroll down to find the ‘Messenger ONLY Subscription’ section. Enable the Messenger Subscription.

IMPORTANT: Enable all 3 options the Messenger Subscription, Messenger Only mode and Fallback Feature. This way, your logged in visitors will see the Messenger tool, while your logged out visitors will see the regular email form.

3) The connection is live! After Wheelio subscribed Facebook users to your Recart Messenger list, you can send them automated and instant campaigns from Recart:

Yep, to their smartphones, right away. Since Recart is built for e-commerce, you can send the following automated campaigns to your customers:

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Order Receipt
  • Shipping Notification
  • Welcome
  • Purchase Follow-up
  • Photo Reviews by Loox

Enable them once, count the sales forever.

And what about newsletters? You can send newsletter-like messages to your Messenger subscribers as well. We call it Instant Campaigns, merchants use it like they used the email newsletters: they announce new arrivals, fresh content, sales, and other promotions.

The most popular campaigns are the Abandoned Cart and the Order Receipt campaigns. They will make a lot of $$$ for you. Learn more about the Recart Automated Messenger Campaigns here.

4) Follow your list growth on Recart – Messenger Dashboard. (It refreshes every 15 minutes.)

Wait at least for the first 100 subscribers before you send your first instant campaign. Learn how to send Instant Campaigns here.

5) You’re all set! Now you grow your email and Messenger list simultaneously. Don’t forget to customize and enable your Messenger Auto Campaigns.