14 must-have Shopify Apps for rapid store growth [2022]

Shopify Apps for Growth
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With over 7300 Shopify apps available, you may be a little overwhelmed with the options in front of you. But not all apps are made equal. Depending on your growth stage, some may be too complex while others may lack important features. 

If you’re a store that generates over $50k in revenue per year and you’re growing steadily – keep reading for our strategic recommendations to supercharge and scale your store with Shopify apps. 

From high-conversion channels to dynamic pricing, all the way to analytics, we’ve done the deep dive for you. Take a look at our top 14 Shopify apps you should invest in today.

1. Pinterest

Shopify App Pinterest

While you may know Pinterest as a pinboard for home improvement ideas, it’s become so much more than that. Pinterest has turned into a powerful search engine with a unique algorithm that holds a lot of potential value for eCommerce businesses. 

It’s a great way to get good photos of your products to reach wider audiences that are more likely to purchase due to the tailored nature of the Pinterest algorithm.

Best for: Organic reach

Top features:

  • Auto-updates from your product catalog
  • Pinterest tag for tracking performance
  • Ads (possibly with some free credits to start you off) 

2. Recart SMS

Shopify App Recart

Communication is key! Speaking to your prospective and returning customers using the right channel will help you build a high-converting customer journey and yield great results. Over the last few years, SMS has proven its worth against other, over-saturated channels through outstanding results. 

With SMS marketing for ecommerce, you’ll build better relationships through engagement, boost retention, encourages sales, and increase your revenue. Our text-marketing platform also has some great tools for growing your mobile subscriber base with easy-to-use website pop-ups and text-in keywords. 

Best for: SMS marketing

Top features:

  • Easy SMS subscriber collection
  • Automated SMS flows (such as abandoned carts)
  • Useful SMS templates for tactical campaigns

Recart offers an 8X ROI guarantee (so you can test it, risk-free)

3. Loox 

Shopify App Loox

It can be a challenge for eCommerce businesses to stand out from the competition but Loox is one of the apps that can help you with that. Visually appealing customer reviews can set your brand apart from the rest by providing valuable social proof from real customers.

This review app enables brands of all sizes to collect customer reviews with photos of videos automatically. They also offer tools to help you engage with customers in order to encourage reviews – such as referrals and discounts.

Best for: Social proof

Top features:

  • Layout and gallery options to suit any store
  • Scheduling and reminder tools to get reviews
  • Referral features with incentives

4. Shogun

Shopify App Shogun

Creating a unique, on-brand and well-functioning storefront is vital for the success of your business. As an eCommerce store, your on-page user shopping experience can make or break a new or returning sale.

Shogun is a page builder with a difference. From its easy-to-use drag and drop editor with pre-built elements to product collections and even blog page management, this Shopify app will take your store to the next level. Plus, it’s scalable with Enterprise options so it’ll grow with you.

Best for: Storefront design

Top features:

  • Full website elements library
  • Product themes and collections
  • On-page marketing tools like email capture forms

5. ShipBob Fulfillment 

Shopify App Shipbob

As you scale, managing your shipping becomes more of a headache. That’s where this app comes in. ShipBob offers outsourced hands-off order fulfillment and warehousing for direct-to-consumer brands and this app is the link between your store and ShipBob.

Best for: Shipping management and fulfillment 

Top features:

  • Same-day shipping
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Tracking information sync

6. LoyaltyLion 

Shopify App Loyalty Lion

It’s no secret that customer loyalty is important and that retention should always be top of mind for eCommerce stores. LoyaltyLion is a great app that can help you set up loyalty programs with minimal effort and great outcomes. 

The app also uses data to help you identify which customers are in good standing and which are at risk. So you can personalize your approach and build stronger customer relationships.

Best for: Rewards program

Top features:

  • Easy-set-up loyalty programs
  • Effective points-based systems with multiple triggers
  • Data and analytics reports
  • Built-in communication tools and integrations

7. Referral Candy

Shopify App Referral Candy

Word of mouth has always had a huge impact on sales and customer acquisition, but these days there are bigger and better ways to utilize and optimize referrals than simple “tell-a-friend” requests.

If you’re looking to take your referral program to the next level, this is the app for you. While other apps offer referral features, Referral Candy is highly specialized and great if you’re scaling fast.  

Best for: Referral programs

Top features:

  • Automated features for referrals and rewards
  • Fraud checker to ensure referral legitimacy
  • Great list of integrations
  • Affiliate program setups

8. Gorgias 

Shopify App Gorgias

Any successful eCommerce store needs a support structure that is quick and streamlined to ensure customer concerns and feedback is dealt with swiftly. Gorgias is a true all-in-one help desk experience across email, live chat, phone, Facebook, Instagram, and your contact us page. 

This app offers an all-in-one unified view to streamline your support tickets, saving you time and money.

Best for: Customer support

Top features:

  • All-in-one support solution (email, live chat, phone, Facebook, Instagram, and your website)
  • Live-chat functionality
  • Streamlined ticketing system with priority tagging
  • Time-saving templates, automation, rules, and macros 

9. Klaviyo 

Shopify App Klaviyo

A comprehensive solution for personalized communications, Klaviyo is great for larger stores looking to utilize customer data to the best of their ability.

With a dominant focus on email, Klaviyo offers a great range of automated messaging based on data and event triggers such as abandoned carts. With powerful segmentation abilities, this app helps stores speak to their customers as individuals with tailored customer journeys and experiences. 

Best for: Personalized email

Top features:

  • Relevant and useful email automation 
  • One-click Shopify data syncing
  • Advanced customer segmentation 
  • Detailed reporting

10. Tapcart 

Shopify App Tapcart

Ready to turn your store into an app? With Tapcart, you can instantly sync your store’s backend and build your mobile app with a simple drag and drop editor: no coding required.

If you’re worried that an app will mean double the amount of admin, Tapcart is one step ahead of you. Tapcart and Shopify automatically sync, meaning as you update your store, your app is updated too! 

Best for: App building

Top features: 

  • Drag and drop builder (no code)
  • Native iOS & Android
  • Auto-syncing between Shopify and your app
  • Unlimited and personalized app notifications

11. Prisync – Dynamic Pricing

Shopify App Prisync

Pricing your products correctly is a subtle art but one you need to pay attention to. Simply put, if the price isn’t right, you won’t sell anything. Prisync can help you understand the competitive market through advanced tracking and monitoring. 

Best for: Dynamic pricing

Top features:

  • Unlimited number of competitor price tracking
  • Automated dynamic pricing (with strict rules to ensure you’re comfortable)
  • Lots of great data from analytics

12. Luz 

Shopify App Luz

There are few things as important as good data. Without it, you’ll never be sure what’s working, what isn’t, and what is a good return on your investment. When it comes to DTC data, few apps are as good as Luz. 

Luz is an eCommerce hub that analyzes three important things; your customers and their behaviors; in-depth competitor data including revenue; and market insights and trends. Resulting in data-driven decisions for your business.

Best for: DTC data

Top features:

  • Customer ad spend and source analytics
  • Competitor top products
  • Benchmarks and demand recommendations for your store

13. Bold Subscriptions 

Shopify App Bold Subscriptions

Great for high-growth brands, Bold Subscriptions is built for scaling. This app makes creating great subscription experiences easy. It offers out-of-the-box setups to get you started, plus some great advanced features waiting in the wings to use as you grow.

Best for: Subscriptions

Top features:

  • Seamless checkout integration 
  • Good looking out-of-the-box experiences
  • Customer managed subscriptions

14. Rewind 

Shopify App Rewind

Accidents happen, stores break, and data is lost all the time. Usually, these losses are detrimental to your business and can be tough to recover from. That’s where Rewind comes in. You can rest (and work) easy knowing that this app is taking care of your backups in case anything goes wrong.

Best for: Data and store backups

Top features:

  • Daily automated backups
  • Comprehensive list of data that is backed up
  • Quick data restore in minutes

Shopify Apps: Selection and growth based on Shopify Rank

While all of these Shopify apps (and many others) can significantly help you scale, it’s important to understand where your store stands in the market in order to make the best choices.

Recart has developed a powerful and free tool that can help you get actionable data to grow your Shopify store faster. It gives you insight into your store’s standing and compares it to other stores in your category in just a few clicks. You’ll also see other top app recommendations so you can use those results and combine them with this list of Shopify Apps to find the best strategy for your Shopify Store.

You can find the Shopify Store Rank and Benchmark tool here.

Soma is the founder and CEO of Recart, the mobile marketing app for Shopify stores. He makes sure that all the 13,000+ brands using Recart continue to see amazing growth from SMS and Messenger channels. He's a big tea fan and spends a big chunk of his free time on soccer courts.